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A)   Certainly more modern and innovative, and in sync with the speed of technology and life, at deepswamp.com you can now write a faster and more impactful letter that covers everything you truly want or need to say right from the comfort and convenience of your  Smart Phone , PC , or Tablet , and still pay nearly the same postage costs as ordinary First Class Mail rates for letters, plus you get tracking included!

B)   One of our maxims at DEEP SWAMP is “why pay anything if you can’t say anything?” or “why pay it if you can’t say it?” This motto is in direct response to the lack of space that ordinary postcards provide. With useless manual postcards as the primary source of sending letters to your loved ones, more content can be written on stone with a chisel. Through our website, inmates that you write to will be able to continue receiving highly effective letters from you on our SwampCards that basically equals the same as 8 pages of a Microsoft Word document all for about the same cost as a first class postage stamp.

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Katherine Earle Yanes

Katherine Earle Yanes

Katherine Earle Yanes concentrates her practice in the areas of criminal defense, appeals, and postconviction relief.